The potential of our area to grow apples has been recognized since the early  19th century. The first plantings date back to 1846. These concentrated areas are suit-able for apple production and a wide variety of other fruit as a result of a micro climate created by two natural features.

The most significant feature is the deep water of Nottawasaga Bay. A large body of water changes slowly in temperature as the seasons change. This moderates the air temperature and thus reduces the chances of late spring and early fall frosts.

The second feature is the Niagara Escarpment which forms the southern protective boundary and confines this micro climate to the fertile soils near the bay, making fruit growing possible.

There are approximately 60 different commercial fruit growing operations in this area. Although mostly apples are produced here, other fruit such as peaches, plums, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and wine grapes are also grown in the Georgian Bay region.


These orchards produce about 25% of Ontario's apple crop annually. Recent yields have been as high as 3 million bushels of fruit, with about 40% of this fruit being packed and sold as fresh whole apples and the balance being used for juice, cider, pie filling, apple sauce and other products.

Our orchards are expanding yearly as our growers are replacing old obsolete trees and also expanding their acreage. What's more, all across the region, we are quickly changing from large sized, standard trees to new modern orchard systems. We have advanced technology to store fresh crunchy apples right through the year and have developed orchard management practices that protect the environment.



An abundance of regional food products can be found at local farmer’s markets (see map), and directly at the farm gate.

While our region is better known for apples - pears, peaches and plums, small fruit like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are also familiar choices.

More remarkably, the advent of cold hardy vines have made it possible for two vineyards: Georgian Hills Vineyards (705-444-5200) and Coffin Ridge Winery (519-371-9565). Motts Cider & Fruit Winery (519-599-1001) produces cider and fruit wines.

Meanwhile thousands of tons of apples are processed at local processing plants - Bay Growers and Binkleys for fresh apples at your supermarket, and Golden Town Apple Products for juice and sliced apples. Add festivals and local wines and ciders to the panoramic views of rolling farmland, and your bite out of nature is complete.

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